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Coping Skills for Kids

Three-Point and Five-Point Scale

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The three-point scale and five-point scale are free printables you can use to talk with children and teens in-depth about their feelings. Focusing on one emotion at a time, they can identify what 'they're thinking, how they act, and healthy coping skills to use. The three-point scale is similar to the feelings thermometer, in that it focuses on three different degrees of feelings (1 = small, 2 = medium, 3 = big). The five-point scale gives more room for the complexity of varying degrees of emotions ( 1 = small, 5 = big)
In the "Thoughts/Behaviors" section - write down what thoughts they have and how their body reacts.
In the "Coping Skills" section - they can identify healthy and safe coping skills they can use.

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