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Coping Skills for Kids

Digital Coping Skills for Kids Activity Books: My Happiness Journal

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When you are feeling sad or upset, a good coping skill to try is thinking of things that make you happy. But it can be hard to remember the good stuff in those tough moments. An easy way to remember is to draw or write about what makes you happy, capture happy memories, and look at keepsakes from those fantastic times. By using this journal, you can keep track of all the things that make you smile and bring you joy.
This journal has three sections. 
Section One: People, Places, and Things That Help Me Get Happy
When you draw or write in this section, you're making a record of your favorite ways to get your happy on! There are three prompts for you to draw or write about the things that make you happy.
  • Who Do I Get Happy With? 
  • Where Do I Get Happy? 
  • What I Get Happy About?
Anytime you want to feel a little happiness, look through the pages to remind yourself of the people who care about you, a fun place, or a silly experience you had to help you change your mood!

Section Two: My Happiest Memories
When you draw or write in this section, you're making a record of the happy moments in your life. There are four prompts to help you record your happier times, like:
  • I had the best time when…
  • I remember laughing when…
  • I had so much fun when…
  • I felt awesome when….
When you are going through a time that isn't very happy, looking at all the pages of better times will remind you that unhappiness doesn't last forever!
Section Three: My Very Own Souvenirs and Scraps of Happiness
Fill up this section with tickets, photos, postcards, wrappers, brochures, stickers, and snippets to create happy memories scrapbook. For example, it could be a ticket stub from the movie you wanted to see, or maybe you had an awesome field trip somewhere, put in the map you used while you were there.
Whenever you see and touch the scraps and snips, your senses will take you back to that moment and bring you a smile!

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