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The Coping Skills for Kids Workbook has over 75 coping strategies for calming anxiety, dealing with stress and managing anger. Ideal for families or therapists.

The Coping Skills for Teens Workbook has 60 helpful ways to teens to managing stress, anxiety and anger. It's written for teens to read on their own, or can be read with a trusted adult, or can be used by school counselors or individual therapists.

The Social Skills for Kids Workbook has more than 75 easy and ready-to-use games and activities, designed for school counselors, therapists, or anyone who runs social skills groups. This rich resource includes reproducible, step-by-step plans for how to play, alternatives to each activity, and debriefing questions to reinforce learning.

The Ultimate Playdate Guide here are over 50 play ideas, designed for two children, and conveniently indexed by social skill, mess level, indoor vs. outdoor, and age range. Playdate ideas include pretend play, arts & crafts, indoor & outdoor games, and oard games and card games made for 2.