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Digital Our Reset Space: Home Edition
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Digital Our Reset Space: Home Edition

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Our Reset Space: Home Edition

A Reset Space is a place for kids to go when they have big feelings, use some coping skills to help manage those feelings in a safe and healthy way, and then return to what they were doing before, hopefully in a calmer state.

We want our children to learn to use safe and healthy coping strategies when they feel emotions that can have a negative impact on their behavior. By going to this space to reset, they will work on identifying their emotions, picking a strategy and using it, then feeling better.

A Reset Space isn’t meant to be used as a punishment. Instead, it offers an opportunity to manage difficult moments differently. Kids can choose to go there when they feel upset, frustrated, or overwhelmed, or we can suggest that they visit the space when we notice that they are starting to get dysregulated.

A Reset Space is known by various names, like Peace Corner, Calm Down Spot, Calm Corner, Relaxation Station, or Chill Out Zone. Even though there are many different names, the idea is the same. At Coping Skills for Kids, I called it a Reset Space because that’s what I want kids to experience when they use it - an opportunity to reset and then return to what they were doing before.

The Coping Skills for Kids Reset Space: Home Edition has three sections.
  1. Go to the space and identify what you’re feeling
  2. Pick a coping skill or two and use them for 5 - 10 minutes
  3. Check in about how you feel again, and leave the space

While this process can take time, it is worth it so kids can learn these lifelong coping skills. By implementing this in your home, you are helping your child and teaching them vital skills. Assisting them now will set them up to learn and use coping skills as they grow into adolescence and adulthood. How amazing!

To make set up as easy as possible, materials included in this Reset Space: Home Edition are:

  • Before You Reset Feelings Poster
  • Digital Version of the Coping Cue Cards Discovery Deck (40 cue cards)
  • Now That You Have Reset Feelings Poster

Please note: This is the DIGITAL product. You will receive an email with a PDF you can download immediately. 

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