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Lunch Group Questions
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Lunch Group Questions

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Here are 120 ready to go questions you can use during lunch groups during the school year.  If you use 4 questions a week, these questions can last you all year! 

I loved running lunch groups as a School Counselor.  Every week I would come up with 4 questions to generate discussions. Sometimes it was hard to think of new and different questions to ask each week.  I wanted to make it a little easier on my fellow counselors and created a whole list of questions.

The questions at the beginning of the document tend to be more just “getting to know you” questions, and then get more personal later on in the document.

The questions are on grids, to make it easier to cut and place in a question box for lunch groups.  You can put the questions on cardstock and have students pick out a question to answer.  Enjoy!!

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