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Coping Skills for Kids

Coping Cue Cards™ Relaxation Deck

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The Coping Cue Cards™ Relaxation Deck is a deck of cards designed to help kids learn healthy coping skills. The Coping Cue Cards Relaxation Deck has 44 coping skills cards with simple strategies children can use to cope with stress, anxiety, and anger.

We know that not all coping skills work in all places. To make it easier, we’ve included cheerful divider cards to help you sort skills by different settings like when traveling, at school, at social events and in stores & restaurants.

There are so many ways to use the relaxation deck: to help kids identify which coping skills work for them, as a visual reminder to use a coping skill, or as a way to find new coping skills to expand their toolbox.




Are these skills different from the cards in the Discovery Deck?

YES, there are 44 different coping strategies included in this deck!

What types of relaxation skills are included?

  • A variety of ways to encourage deep breathing, like using a feather, or breathe in blue skies, breathe out gray skies
  • Grounding techniques, like 54321 grounding or touching objects around you.
  • Mindfulness techniques, like focusing on sounds or using your sense of smell.

What about the other coping styles in the Discovery Deck?

Stay tuned; we are in the process of making an individual deck for each coping style included in the Discovery Deck. We are in the process of making a unique deck for each of the five Coping Styles. Join our newsletter and be the first to know when our new products are available.

If you are looking for a variety of types of coping skills right now, check out the Discovery Deck! The Discovery Deck has 40 cards sorted into 5 Coping Styles: Relaxation, Distraction, Movement, Processing, and Sensory.

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