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Coping Skills for Kids Activity Books: Sensational Sensory
Coping Skills for Kids

Coping Skills for Kids Activity Books: Sensational Sensory

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The senses we have are amazing! Every day, people use them to touch, smell, see, hear and taste things. People also have a sense of balance, and a sense of how they move their bodies.

Some kids use their sense of smell to more fully enjoy a fresh flower, sweet berries, or the salty ocean. Others prefer to focus on things they see, like shiny leaves swaying in their trees, fluffy clouds in the sky, or twinkling stars at night. Still others prefer to use their sense of touch by enjoying the feel of a smooth stone in their hand, warm sand between their toes, or cool grass beneath their feet.

In the Sensational Sensory Activity book, there are thirty sensory coping skills for kids to try in real life! Sensational Sensory provides three opportunities for the child to try each of the coping skills and subsequently record their experiences on the activity pages.

Coloring - a child can color in the image in the book

Drawing - a child can draw themselves doing the skill, their favorite part, or the thoughts and feelings they had as they tried the skill

Writing - a kid can write (or a trusted adult can write for them) what they liked and didn't like, or list tips to make it better the next time.

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