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Coping Skills for Teens Journal Digital
Coping Skills for Kids

Coping Skills for Teens Journal Digital

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The Coping Skills for Teens Journal
I created this journal for use together with the Coping Skills for Teens Workbook. This journal combines two strategies that have been effective with my tween and teen clients: journaling and expressing themselves using art and creativity.
To encourage the use of these helpful coping skills, there are two different parts of this journal, a Writing section and a Coloring & Drawing Section.
The Writing Section
There's a space for you to check in about how you feel, followed by a space for free writing. Then after the free write, there is a space to focus on the good, by writing things you're grateful for or looking forward to in the future.
The Drawing & Coloring Section
I know that everyone is different and may respond better to one way of coloring or drawing than other ways. That's why I offer different activities so you can figure out what works best: pages with encouraging quotes, mandala coloring, full coloring pages and open drawing pages.
My hope is that by writing about your experiences, focusing on the good and finding things to look forward to, and expressing yourself in a creative way, you'll be able to better manage challenging situations and feelings you will experience as you go through adolescence. Enjoy!
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