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Coping Skills for Kids Activity Books: Marvelous Movement
Coping Skills for Kids

Coping Skills for Kids Activity Books: Marvelous Movement

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When children have big emotions, sometimes their body gets full of energy. When they feel that energy in their body, it makes sense to find some safe ways to get that energy out! This activity book is all about healthy ways to help kids move and cope with big feelings. Moe and Mona, the two kids you see in the book, like to use movement to feel better.

In this book, there are thirty movement coping skills for kids to try in real life! There are some ideas that are small body movements, like squeezing dough, or flexing and
pointing your feet, or playing with a fidget. Other ideas use your whole body, like jumping jacks,dancing, or riding a scooter. There are some strategies that work outside, some that work inside, and some that work in both locations.

To help kids practice the skills, there are three ways to explore each of them further:

Coloring: The coloring pages show the coping kids and coping critters using coping skills. Kids can color in the sklll for fun!

Drawing/Tracing: The drawing and tracing activities tell kids to draw or trace something that has to do with the coping skill.

Writing: Kids can write, or have a trusted grown-up write about the coping skills too.

Special Features
At the end of the book there is a special section for records and organization

  • Tried it Liked it Tracker - to keep track of which skills kids have tried and whether or not you liked them. There's also a space to write in their own coping skills!
  • On the Go Go To's - a way to keep track of skills kids use in different places, like at stores/restaurants, on the road, at school, or at social events
  • The Five Faves - Lastly, there is also a section for kids to note the skills they respond to the most.

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