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Digital Coping Skills for Kids Activity Books: Relaxation Round Up
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Digital Coping Skills for Kids Activity Books: Relaxation Round Up

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Children will experience a variety of different emotions as they live and play in the world. They will need coping skills that will work to help them manage their feelings in safe and healthy ways. The strategies that will work will be different, depending on what emotion they are feeling, where they are, and their own personal preferences.

This activity book focuses on Relaxation Coping Style. It includes strategies like:

Deep Breathing: This is one of the first strategies I work on with clients to help them. Sometimes kids need more structure and instruction around deep breathing, so I included several ways to explore deep breathing so a child can hopefully find one that works for them.

Color, Draw, Imagine, Write: Several pages encourage a child to use their imagination, draw, color, or write. They can use these pages to explore places, people, and items that are soothing for them. There are also opportunities to write things like song lyrics and positive thoughts that can help them as they go through their day to day life.

Mindfulness and Grounding Techniques: These are helpful tools for managing thoughts and emotions, and even improving concentration. Mindfulness and grounding strategies are not about clearing the mind, but rather being aware of the present moment and noticing feelings and thoughts, and encouraging kids to slow down.

Tried it, Liked it Tracker: At the end of the book, there’s also a space to keep track of coping skills pages a child has attempted, and whether or not they liked it. First, this encourages them to try different skills in the book at least once. Second, it offers them is an opportunity to recognize if something was helpful or not helpful. If they didn’t like it or didn’t feel any differently, that’s okay! Not all coping skills work for all kids. The important thing is not to give up and keep trying.

There is also a section for kids to note the skills they respond to the most. These are their top 5 go-to coping skills. This is a powerful list. Share with kids that these are things they can do when they feel worried, anxious, or upset.

Kids respond very well to visual cues for their coping skills. You can encourage them to use their creativity and make visuals for these skills, or you can use the Coping Cue Cards Relaxation Deck as a visual supplement to this activity book.

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