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The Ultimate Playdate Guide Print Book
Coping Skills for Kids

The Ultimate Playdate Guide Print Book

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The Ultimate Playdate Guide:
How to Build Connections, Friendships, and Social Skills

Please note: This is the print version of the book. Get the digital version of the book here.

Playdates can be amazing! They help kids make connections with others, can be the start of fantastic friendships that last, and are also the perfect place to work on building and practicing social skills.

But sometimes it’s hard for kids to have playdates. They don’t go well, and it feels like they’ll never make any friends or ever have a successful social interaction.
This book explains how playdates help kids learn social skills, and includes simple tips for setting up successful playdates and a playful home. Plus, I talk about how those imperfect moments are the perfect learning opportunity!

There are over 50 play ideas, designed for two children, and conveniently indexed by social skill, mess level, indoor vs. outdoor, and age range. Playdate ideas include:
* Pretend play
* Arts & crafts
* Indoor & outdoor games
* Board games and card games made for 2

BONUS: The book is in Dyslexie font, specifically designed to make reading easier for those with Dyslexia.

The Ultimate Playdate Guide is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award!


From the author of the #1 Bestselling

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