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Digital Our Reset Space: School Edition
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Digital Our Reset Space: School Edition

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Schools all over the country are designating spaces where kids can identify their feelings and use coping skills as part of a social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. In fact, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning has identified “peace corners” as a general practice that helps support SEL in your classroom and school.

At Coping Skills for Kids, we've created a version of a peace corner called:

Our Reset Space 

Our Reset Space is a designated safe area where kids can go to reset themselves when they start to experience any feelings they find difficult to manage that distract them from their work. The School Edition is specifically designed for use in a classroom, a counselors office, or a designated calm space in the building.

In Our Reset Space, there is a process that is more structured than many peace corners. It’s not just a hangout area, though children should find the time they spend there enjoyable. The basic steps are:

1. Label their feeling and the size of the feeling

2. Pick and use coping skills

3. Check in about their feelings and the size of their feelings, then return to class

Included in Our Reset Space: School Edition

  • Introduction and instructions
  • Schematic sheets - to help you set it all up
  • “Our Reset Space” title poster
  • Header sheet with 3 steps
  • “Feelings Before” poster
  • “Feelings Before Thermometer” poster
  • “The 5 Coping Styles” poster
  • 6 Coping Style Pocket Holders
  • 60 Coping Cue Cards for Classrooms
  • “Coping Achievement” poster
  • “Feelings After Thermometer” poster
  • “Discover Your New Feelings” poster
  • 4 Coping Kids cutouts for decorating or projects

When students learn how to regulate the level of their emotions with healthy coping skills, they are able to remain in control of their actions. Help your students learn vital self-regulation and self-soothing skills they can use in the school environment.

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